Zea Leguizamon MAc, RSMT

Therapy & Treatments

Private Practice

Heal your body symptoms caused by residual emotional charge. Learn more about my research, community projects, and publications by clicking here. MCDD EDD

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Somatic Therapy

Conflict Coaching

For 8 years I have been working with the best practices of somatic [body based] therapies, coaching, meditations — to offer tools that improve our abilities to relate better. When we tend to change, challenge, or conflict, we tend to act in unintentionally ways. This is not bad, necessarily. But investigating our habits in distress, combined with an everyday practice of meditation offers us great advancement in learning to co–create the relationships we aspire to.


Body Symptoms Work

Tuning into a body–mind–state is not cognitive processing. Having an external practitioner facilitate the process, allows you to release deeply in to the physicality of the practice. At this “altered state” your body’s intuition provides insight as to what it wants/needs in relationship. These insights are brought back easily to everyday thinking and ground for the long term change. For more insights on what to expect — please review “Somatics: What You Need to Know”


Pick from over 15 courses, each designed with different body awareness objectives. There are many methods to learn awareness and everyone has different means to get there. Experiment with what is right for you.

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Movement Classes

Each course is designed with different body awareness objectives. Finds what’s right for you I offer 15 varieties of mediation classes. Each course differs in its specialty, but all are oriented towards physicality — varying from small to larger scale movement. Classes vary throughout the year and rotated based on interest. A statement on ability level, these classes are all adaptable for varied movement abilities. Unless otherwise noted. Also as a consideration, our space is wheel chair accessible as well. Course descriptions are as follows. Please locate class times and fees on the calendar below. In some cases the class is hosted at a second location, as stated in notes.

Events — Workshops

April 20, Mother Earth Festival