Zea Leguizamon MAc, RSMT

Somatic Therapy

For those new to the term Somatics — Somatic Work is a system that uses the sensation of the body as a foundation for change and transformation. Its theory and methods focus internally on learning one’s own individual physical body, and externally on physical movement habits. Stuck patterns are re-pattern through movement, touch, or other means, to transform one’s capacity for wellbeing. This is somatic orthodoxy. The limitation of this field’s focus on western body mapping, limits what other cultural mappings add. By employing memories recovered from our DNA, we locate an indigenous knowledge base. A knowledge that in innate to us all, but too often lost, or overlooked. So when we look inside oneself as study to attain a state of wholeness, unfortunately it can all to easily be undone in relationship, to that which disturbs us. Therefore the approach I use is directed at relationships.

Somatics & Process Work

The approach I use is directed at conflict and change facilitation for relationships. I blend Somatic Movement Therapy and Process Oriented Psychology.

In private session work, I draw from over 15 different somatic methods . As each practice has something unique to offer. My main influence is Process Work or process oriented psychology. In its origins it was developed as a body based awareness method. I highlight its “inner work” meditations as a best practice for self-awareness skill building.

In cooperation with research done at the Movement Center for Deep Democracy my interest is tending to disturbance material, in particular symptoms that evolve from relationship. Together we work towards developing research on Body Awareness Methods to improve interpersonal relations in social systems. This work is the field of Social Somatics.