Zea Leguizamon MAc, RSMT

Somatic & Conflict Coach

Unresolved conflict stored in our bodies, can turn into body symptoms. These cellular memories, inform the way we see and connect in the world. This work brings greater awareness to what is happening inside your body, it unlocks blocks so you can notice what insight they offer. By paying attention to disturbances induced by trauma, oppression, or abuse; you are able to see how one blindly creates the inner and outer world we inhabit. Going deeper into these body awareness, novel insights emerge about how to re–connect and act harmoniously.

Integrating Body Awareness is somatic work. Without insights from our body, we tend to dwell in material problems, thus blocking ourselves from deeper matter. Through integrating consciousness of our mind-body states, we can tap into new solutions. Employing techniques with intentionality and practice, we accelerate the manifestation of our deepest autonomy. It is here where we truly co-exist.

My deepest passion is to improve relationships by providing somatic [body] based therapies.