Zea Leguizamon MAc, RSMT


Zea Leguizamon, MAc, SMT, is a movement specialist. She facilitates conflict and change making to improve relationships for kids, couples, and groups by blending Process Oriented Psychology and Somatic Movement Therapy. Prior she served cross–cultural connections through advocacy in anti–violence community organizations for over 15 years. Her focuses were on domestic, familial, sexual assault, trafficking and hate crime.

Zea has culminated 8 years of research in the field of Social Somatics. An emerging field initiated in ‘98 by Hanlon–Johnson, Grand, Eddy and others. This field aims to improve interpersonal cross–cultural relations by employing embodiment explorations of our soma. Zea provides her efforts to expand the field, by bringing in third and fourth world voices and embodied experiences. Her organizations’ Co–Motion Coop, Embody Deep Democracy, and Movement Center for Deep Democracy bring the original voice, movement, into words and healing action for the world. These organizations forward the works of transformative change practices by and for cultural resurrection, cultural protection and cross–cultural sharing.

In 1976, and today, Colombia is under attack from inside and outside her borders as a means to gain resources. Then a child coded as Z.E.A. 19742343, Zea was selected off the streets of Bogota by a Christian orphanage to live as a North American Adoptee. This pattern of transnational trafficking post war orphaned children made it“s way across Vietnam, Romania, and many others. Regardless of age, this is just one voice of the Diaspora Body Narrative. A narrative too early for a child to name, in their youth. But one affecting orientation to place, not unlike other countries touched by man made or natural disaster. It is this hope for believing in reconnection beyond space and time that this work is a place of birth — for her, for others.

Curriculum Vitae